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Greetings, friendly visitors. I am David Calvani, the creator and director of the Stop the Tyrants Project. I wrote this page so you could learn a little about me and why I started this petition project. Please feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know what you think of my site and project. In particular, please let me know if you have signed one or both of the petitions, and when you sent them in.

A Matter of Citizenship

As you can see from my place of birth above, I am a native-born citizen of the United States. As such, it should not surprise you that I prefer democratic governments to dictatorial ones. But, as I have endeavored to demonstrate in these web pages, American democracy is currently under attack from within. I hope my petition project will help inform the public about the illegitmate activism of the federal judiciary, the threat this activism poses to representative government, and the damage it is doing to our culture's respect for human life.

I also wish to make the American people realize their responsibility for the moral integrity of American government. Too many people nowadays seem to view the government as an other, rather than as a function of themselves. This attitude allows our elected leaders to ignore their duty to call the judiciary to account for its unconstitutional and anti-democratic actions, no matter how wicked the result. This is what has allowed for the creation and proliferation of the partial-birth abortion/infanticide.

The psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung once wrote that autonomous righteousness is the only source of morality in any society. The legal and moral crisis that now threatens the government and society of the United States is a perfect example of the truth of Jung's statement. If there is to be any morality in American government, the individual citizen will have to be responsible for it. If there is going to be any decency in American culture, the individual must be the source of that decency. There is just no other way.

By offering my two petitions, I hope to provoke a wave of autonomous righteousness that will:

A Question of Basic Morality

Furthermore, there are my feelings about the insanely brutal partial-birth infanticide. I am, as you should be well aware by now, outraged by this so-called "medical procedure," and I am equally outraged by other late-term abortion methods. I am appalled that the American public is willing to tolerate them. Regardless of what people think about the early embryo, and what stance they take on willed abortions in general, no one should consider the killing of a living and fully-formed baby to be ethically tolerable. That is what happens in second- and third-trimester abortions. Yet we have been tolerating these late abortions for thirty years! (New York legalized second-trimester abortions in 1971.) How this differs from the brutality of the Nazis and Khmer Rouge is beyond my comprehension.

All law must stand on a firm foundation of morality. There can be no justice if it is otherwise. If we allow the brutal slaughter of innocent infants to be legally protected, then we are basing our laws on nothing but pure political power -- a recipe for tyranny and injustice.

A Sense of Personal Duty

More personally, I was driven to write and circulate both the Removal Petition and the Restraint Petition by my sense of individual responsibility for the actions of the government of the United States. I do not, of course, blame myself for every action taken by Uncle Sam with which I do not agree. But I am well aware that the government of the United States acts in the name of all American citizens, and that its activities are funded by our taxes. As I stated in the Epilogue, the citizenry is the government and is thus responsible for its behavior.

I do not just accuse others; I also accuse myself.The Supreme Court handed down Roe v. Wade in 1973. I was not even 10 years old when these two events happened. But I was old enough to know we would eventually be very sorry for it.

Just the same, when I reached adulthood I went about my life believing that the correct way to deal with the Court's evil abortion jurisprudence was to vote for presidents who would appoint decent and restrained judges. If we just had the patience, good old American democracy would correct this terrible abberation. This is why I feel a considerable sense of guilt. That approach has proven completely worthless! The Roe decision was controversial and unpopular from the first. President Nixon stated he wanted judges who would apply the law rather than making it up on their own. And President Carter proclaimed his moral objection to abortion.

More importantly, Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush (the first President Bush) made it clear they wanted to get the 1973 abortion ruling overturned. During their combined twelve years in office, they managed to appoint the majority of current Supreme Court members: Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, and Clarence Thomas. What have we gotten for their efforts? We have gotten Stenberg v. Carhart! The end result of our patience is that infanticide is now considered a fundamental constitutional right by our courts! That is most certainly a call for our patience to end!

For most of my life I have watched an unelected dictatorship triumph in its attempt to destroy any notion of the intrinsic value of an individual life. And I have now had enough. (And I hope you are also fed up.) That is why you are now reading this web page.

So thoroughly disgusted with the depravity of our federal courts am I; so dismayed am I by our political leaders' refusal to halt the judiciary's immoral behavior; that I can honestly say I am ashamed to be an American citizen.

I cannot bear to be in any way an accessory to the crimes of the judiciary and "abortion providers" like Leroy Carhart. So I have decided that I cannot in good conscience voluntarily fund the federal government while the likes of the Stenberg majority are on the bench.

As the creator and director of the Stop the Tyrants Project, I resolved not to pay any direct tax (income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax,...) to the government of the United States until such time as the demands of the Stop the Tyrants project are fulfilled. Indeed, I would rather die than fund the wickedness of the militantly pro-abortion federal courts.

Let there be Justice for All!

OCTOBER 2001: On September 11 of 2001, the United States suffered the most massive terrorist attack in history: the combined bombings of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Four civilian airliners have been used as weapons of mass destruction. These atrocities have ended the lives of approximately 3,000 men, women, and children.

This crime against humanity has sparked a nation-wide thirst for justice. President G. W. Bush -- with the support of almost the entire U.S. population -- has vowed to use every means at his disposal to destroy Al Qaeda, and to put an end to international terrorism. This desire to stop the murderous activities of Osama Bin Laden and his like is most encouraging to witness. And out of this horror has come something even more wonderful to behold: the spontaneous outpouring of compassion for the victims and their families.

While this empathy and moral outrage are most enheartening, I also find them quite puzzling. The American people have been moved by the cold-blooded murder of 3,000 of their fellow human beings. Every year, however, abortionists kill thousands and thousands of fully formed babies in the United States, and these killings are protected and supported by the U.S. judiciary. Why don't the American people demand justice for these murdered children?

If we wish to be a nation that defends decency and human rights around the globe, if we wish to be a society "with liberty and justice for all," then this double standard must end. We must display the same compassion for the victims of abortion that we have shown for the victims of terrorism. We must demand that the abortionists and their supporters in the judiciary be brought to justice just as vehemently as we have demanded the punishment of Bin Laden and his henchmen! The Stop the Tyrants Project is a step in that direction.

There Is No Other Way

NOVEMBER 2003: Congress has passed, and the President has signed, a ban on partial-birth abortion/infanticide. But a federal judge blocked the law on the very day that President Bush signed it! Other federal judges have since followed suit. Their excuse is that the ban contains no "health exemption." Congress omitted such an exemption because it would give abortionists carte blanche to defy the ban. And these judges know it. Sadly, their compassionless rulings actually follow from the majority ruling of the Supreme Court in Stenberg. All of this proves what Congress refuses to see: that no pre-born child -- even one that is mostly delivered -- will be safe from the likes of Leroy Carhart as long as these heartless judges are on the federal bench. The Stop the Tyrants Project really may be the only hope for saving babies from the horrible fate of having their skulls torn open and their brains sucked out. For the love of God, people, sign these two petitions and let our leaders know that a baby's life matters!


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