The Stop the Tyrants Hall of Fame


Welcome to the Stop the Tyrants Hall of Fame, where sincere thanks is given to those who have been friends to the Stop the Tyrants Project.

The friends of the Project

The partial-birth abortion/infanticide is a massive perversion of the medical ethic: to help where help is possible, but first, do no harm. So I brought my petition project to the attention of my own health-care providers.

1. Richard K. Sheehan, M.D.

Dr. Sheehan is my former allergist. (He retired in September of 2002.) He was very much opposed to partial-birth abortion. He showed great interest in this project from the moment I first informed him of it. I very much appreciated his support. If all medical professionals were as decent, this web site would never have been needed!

2. Judith C. Garrett, B.S.N.

Nurse Garrett is a nurse-practitioner at the medical practice my family uses, Preventive Medicine Associates in Camillus. She has also been supportive of my petition project, and has been helping my cope with the stress of developing this site. Without her aid, this web site would most likely never have existed!

3. The Director's Family

Of course, I would be remiss not to express my gratitude to the members of my own family who have supported my efforts in creating and spreading this citizenship project. I especially wish to thank:

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