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§G   The Court's Compassion: No Difference between a Zygote and a Baby!

Officially dehumanizing the gestating human being was not enough for our great abortion dictators. They had to make sure that any display of compassion for an unwanted pre-born baby was an unconstitutional act. The seven members of the majority demanded that all States allow abortion, regardless of the circumstances, before the child was sufficiently developed to survive outside the uterus. This is the so-called "viability standard." What it really means is that the growing child may be aborted before he has sufficient lung development to breathe! Lung function, of course, has nothing to do with mental awareness and the ability to feel pain. A developing baby will have these capacities long before he or she has sufficient lung function to survive outside the womb. These judges thereby ruled that there is no difference between a fully formed unborn baby and a fertilized egg (zygote) that we adults have to respect. (Isn't that true love for humanity at work?)

The Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade is very much like its decision in the 19th century case Dred Scott v. Sanford, where the Court ruled that black people really have no rights that white people need to respect.

D. J. Connolly gives a good account of Dred Scott and the trouble it has caused on his page, A Scam is Born.

Connolly also provides an analysis of Roe v. Wade on his page Harry's Abortion.

These judges arbitrarily decided that a State could proscribe abortion during the third trimester of pregnancy, so long as abortion was allowed for reasons of maternal "health." In a later case, Doe v. Bolton, the Court ruled that maternal "health" must include psychological factors -- such as the distress form being denied a late abortion! The Court thus ruled that abortion is a constitutional right throughout pregnancy. Since "abortion" is by definition the loss of a pregnancy before the baby can live outside the womb, it has never been explained by the Court just what a third-trimester or "post-viability" abortion is. Apparently what is meant is: kill a baby outside of his mother's body and it is murder; kill the same baby while he is inside his mother's body and it is a constitutional right -- reproductive freedom!

The Court's despicable attitude towards the pre-born has resulted in much pain and suffering. Many babies -- not microscopic-sized embryos, but already-here, completely formed babies -- have died painful deaths because of the Roe decision. To demonstrate this terrible fact, I will quote from Justice Clarence Thomas' Stenberg dissent:

In 1996, the most recent year for which abortion statistics are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were approximately 1,221,585 abortions performed in the United States. Of these abortions, about 67,000 (5.5%) were performed in or after the 16th week of gestation, that is, from the middle of the second trimester through the third trimester. [Footnote 2 on page 5]

By the 16th week of gestation, the developing baby is fully formed, and can experience and respond to many forms of stimuli. And second-trimester fetuses can be candidates for life saving surgery. Furthermore, babies born around 20 - 22 weeks' gestation have survived. Physicians, including "abortion providers," know these facts. Yet such fully formed fetuses are still being killed in abortion "clinics" all around the U.S. This, of course, is fully compatible with Roe v. Wade's declaration that a pre-born child is a non-person.

The Westside Pregnancy Resource Center in Los Angeles has several pages devoted to the growth and development of the human fetus.

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Ironically, in the years after Roe v. Wade, great advances have been made in fetal medicine. Centers for diagnosing and treating medical problems in pre-born children are maintained at:

If we assume the 1996 CDC figure quoted by Justice Thomas to be typical of every year since Roe v. Wade, there have been about 2,144,000 late abortions in this country in the 30 years since 1973. Most of these late abortions would never have occured without the Supreme Court's mandate of legal abortion throughout pregnancy. Because of the Supreme Court, millions of fully formed babies (pre-born humans that are aware and able to feel pain) have been deliberately killed. The more fortunate of these unwanted children were simply delivered prematurely and left to die. The more unfortunate of these unfortunates have been, while still alive, burned with solutions of urea or highly-concentrated saline, torn limb-from-limb, or had their brains vacuumed out of their skulls.

As you can plainly see, the seven members of the Roe Court (as well as all the judges who have gone along with their unethical abortion jurisprudence) are responsible for a crime against humanity of Hitlerian proportions!

The Westside Pregnancy Resource Center maintains a page where you can learn about various abortion methods, including those mentioned above.

§H   Sexual Liberty means Everything; Life Itself means Nothing

The Supreme Court's elevation of abortion-on-demand to a fundamental constitutional right reduces the value the law (and society) places on an individual human life. Under the Court's abortion rulings, a human being is only of value if he is valued by others. We are all reduced to being commodities -- like clothing, appliances, and cars -- to be produced, or not produced, at another's pleasure. It seems that the right to copulate without a care is not only more important than democracy; it is also more important than the quaint notion that an individual human life might have some intrinsic value in and of itself! How else can we explain the Court's willingness to declare a right to kill one's own gestating children? (Who would have ever thought that Americans would prize an orgasm more than life itself?)

All of this is obviously contrary to popular sovereignty and rule by law. The Supreme Court simply issued this command: 'A baby in utero is a moral and legal non-entity (just because we say so), and the citizenship of anyone who opposes willful feticide is not to be respected (also just because we say so).'

The President must swear to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."The President must therefore work to preserve the proper balance of power between the different branches of the nation's government, and between the federal government and the fifty States. So his proper duty is to refuse to enforce unethical and immoral court rulings. Roe v. Wade most certainly fits into the categories of unethical and immoral. And Congress has the means to deal with such judicial misbehavior: it controls the flow of government monies to the courts, and it has the power of impeachment. Yet no action was ever taken against the judges responsible for this massive assault on both democracy and decency.

And so the Supreme Court was allowed to continue leading the United States down the primrose path it had created by decree: The sordid route from Griswold v. Connecticut (contraception is "marital privacy") to Roe v. Wade (abortion is "reproductive freedom"). This was also the terrible road to partial-birth abortion/infanticide and the Stenberg decision.

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