Stop the Tyrants Part II

Chapter 5: Our Moral Duty

Each and every one of us has the eternal and unending duty to uphold the inviolability of the human person. We must defend the intrinsic rights of the of the human individual. As the director of the Stop the Tyrants Project, I have done my best to demonstrate to every visitor to this site that the abortion jurisprudence of the U.S. courts is a massive attack on the very basis of human rights: the intrinsic worth of every individual person.

The purpose of the Stop the Tyrants Project is to exhort American citizens to stop tolerating the unethical and immmoral actions of the federal judiciary. It is the hope of this project's director that the American citizenry will demand that the evil abortion jurisprudence of our courts will be put to an end once and for all.

We have much to gain, both as individuals and as a nation, by rising up against the arrogance and depravity of our judicial officials. And we have much to lose if we fail to act. This chapter is devoted to spelling out some of these stakes (in sections A to D). We will then discuss the Petition for Removal from the Federal Judiciary.

While you read about what is at stake in the judiciary's self-declared war on human decency, remember that the people of every nation ultimately get either the government they want, or the government they are willing to tolerate. As the author Aldous Huxley once said, "People always get what they ask for; the only trouble is that they never know, until they get it, what it actually is that they have asked for."

In Chapter 5

  1. Upholding Human Rights
  2. Defending Human Life
  3. Saving Unwanted Babies
  4. Signing and Sending the Removal Petition
  5. The Petition for Removal from the Federal Judiciary

§A   Upholding Human Rights

In Chapter 2, Fight for Your Rights!, we discussed America's love for championing elective government world-wide. But democracy is not the only thing that the United States likes to promote abroad. Our government constantly trumpets its call for respect of human rights. Congress is forever discussing the human rights situation around the globe. And our State Department regularly criticises foreign governments for their human rights abuses.

But how can other countries take seriously the support for human rights of a government that allows its judiciary to declare that pre-born and partially-born babies are non-persons? If we are to maintain America's dedication to human rights, and have that dedication respected throughout the world, we must stop our federal judiciary's war on the intrinsic value of an individual human life.

When the Second World War had finally ended, the United States and her allies tried Nazi leaders for their immoral actions during the war. The Nazi defendents were, of course, not charged with violating the laws of the Third Reich. Nor were they charged with violating the laws of the nations that the Nazi's had attacked. In the famous Nuremberg Trials, the defendents faced indictments on four counts:

Count One: Conspiracy to wage an aggressive war in violation of international law or treaties Count Two: Planning, preparing for, or waging an aggressive war Count Three: WAR CRIMES -- violation of the international rules of war (mistreatment of prisoners of war or civilian populations, plunder of private property, destruction of towns or cities without military justification) Count Four: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY -- murder; extermination; enslavement of civilians; persecution on racial, religious, or political grounds

With the first two counts, the defendents were not charged simply for violating treaties or international law. Such violations are usually held against governments, not individuals. But the defendents had made Germany's violations of international law possible, so they were considered to be morally culpable for the Third Reich's aggressions.

Furthermore, for counts three and four, the defendants were charged with more than violating international conventions; they were accused of more than breaching domestic criminal laws. They were indicted because they had violated "the general principles of criminal law as derived from the criminal law of all civilised nations." In other words, the Nazi defendants were charged because their actions were inherently criminal.

Most of the defendants at Nuremberg were convicted. Some of the convicts faced harsh prison sentences. Others were put to death.What has this to do with the judiciary of the United States? The answer to this question lies in a comparison between our government's reaction to the Nazi war criminals and its reaction to the usurpations of the "Imperial Judiciary."

The horrific acts of late term abortionists most certainly qualifies as a crime agains humanity by the Nuremberg standards. Yet, instead of being arrested and punished, they are granted official government protection! Our wonderful federal government considers draft-dodging and pot-smoking to be worse offenses against society and morality than the pre-meditated slaying of an almost-born infant.

In the 1940's the United States and her allies proclaimed that men can be punished for the intrinsic wickedness of their acts. But from 1973 onward, the United States has allowed its judicial officials to commit intrinsically evil acts with impunity. Members of our judiciary have carried out a campaign to rob the American people of their right to govern themselves. These same federal judges have declared that a certain class of human beings -- babies who are wholly or partly contained within their mothers' wombs -- are to be devoid of any legal rights. (Isn't that the sort of thing the Nazis did to the Jews of Europe?)

These judicial usurpers and tyrants have used their ill-gotten power to protect the brutal actions of men like Leroy Carhart -- physicians who derive their ethics not from the Hippocratic Oath, nor from the edict of "help where help is possible, but first do no harm," but rather from the actions of people like Josef Mengele! As such, these judges are accessories to every killing that such abortionists commit.

Is this what we fought World War II for? So that democracy could be saved in Europe but destroyed here? So that judges could infect our culture with moral thinking that is indistinguishable from the moral reasoning of Hitler and his minions? If the people of the United States are willing to tolerate a judiciary that dehumanizes by decree, then they are showing every nation on Earth that the principles for which World War II were fought were nothing but a pack of lies!

If you wish to know more about the judgment of the tribunal at Nuremberg, you can find transcripts of the precedings at the Nizkor Project.

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