Stop the Tyrants Part II

§C   Saving Unwanted Babies

As I demonstrated in Chapter 1, "The Road to Stenberg," more than a million fully-formed and aware human babies have been deliberately slaughtered because of the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe decision. The rational for these cold-blooded killings was quite simple, but utterly absurd: as long as a baby remains in the womb, he is a non-person.

Now the Supreme Court has ruled that as long as a baby is unwanted, he is a non-person even when most of his body is outside of his mother. The majority's opinion specifically refers to the partial-birth abortion procedure as an operation that seeks "to terminate a potential human life." [Majority Opinion: Page 4, emphasis added]

The members of the Stenberg majority displayed a complete disregard for the suffering of the thousands of mostly-born infants who have died at the hands of murderers like Leroy Carhart. And they did their best to keep anyone else from showing any compassion for these helpless children. This is depravity of the highest order.

How many unwanted babies have had their brains sucked out since Stenberg was handed down in June 2000? We will probably never know. But we can be certain of one thing: fully formed, mentally aware, feeling babies will die horrible deaths as long as the American people continue to tolerate the unconstitutional actions of a militantly pro-abortion judiciary! This is why we must demand the removal of these cruel judges.

A Challenge to all Pro-Choicers

For most of you who have supported abortion rights, killing a fully formed and mentally aware baby probably isn't what you meant, let alone killing a child while she is being born. But the right to abortion, as announced by the Supreme Court, has always forbidden any distinction between a microscopic embryo and a fully formed baby. And now killing a child during parturition is an integral part of the 'right to choose.' The Stenberg Court has ruled that the abortion liberty must include some right to kill a child while he is leaving his mother's body.

It should be well-known to you that militantly pro-abortion interest groups -- organizations like the National Abortion Rights Action League, The National Abortion Federation, and Planned Parenthood -- do not give a damn about the difference between a fertilized ovum and a living, feeling baby. They have staunchly defended the practice of partial-birth abortion/infanticide. And the pro-abortion members of our judiciary have supported them 100 percent!

Whether you have ever actively asked for court protection of abortion or not, your acceptance of the Supreme Court's militant pro-abortion activism has led to the judiciary's protection of the partial-birth abortion/infanticide. If you do not now rebuke these militantly pro-abortion judges, then you are giving your tacit approval to their depravity and cruelty.

As the Stop the Tyrants Project director, I make this challenge to all Americans who call themselves "pro-choice": Sign the Petition for Removal from the Federal Judiciary and ask your friends and loved ones to sign it too, or publicly admit that you believe killing a baby is morally acceptable and should be legal!

A Challenge to all Pro-Lifers

For those of you who have supported the rights of unborn children, any tolerance on your part for the Supreme Court's ruling in Stenberg v. Carhart is inexplicable! For nearly 30 years a dictatorship of unelected judges has disenfranchised you. Yet you have patiently suffered the judiciary's arrogant destruction of your citizenship.

Your tolerance of what should be absolutely intolerable -- the negation of your political rights by unelected judges -- also bears responsibility for the official protection that the partial-birth infanticide has now gotten from the courts (which should also be absolutely intolerable). If you will not now cry out against the depravity of the federal judiciary, then you are telling the world that you also do not give a fig about the difference between a zygote and a fully formed fetus!

The challenge that I, as the Stop the Tyrants Project director, make to all Americans who call themselves "pro-life" is simple enough: Sign the Petition for Removal from the Federal Judiciary and ask others to sign it, or publicly admit that your objections to abortion have nothing to do with concern for pre-born babies!

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